The picture in the bottom has a lot to tell, today my wife assigned a task to our daughters (4 years + 2 years) to prepare the dinning table, they have pulled their own weight and finished on time, but the result was as shown in the above picture.

The customer (My wife) wasn’t happy with this service and she had to get this task assigned to another service provider my elder daughter (7 Years) she was buckling down due to the short time frame to get this accomplished.

What has happened here?

Even though, my younger daughters have done their job perfectly from their point view, but why my wife was not happy?

The answer here you can say that again because of not setting the correct expectations between both customer and provider they should have both sat fostering customer loyalty.

Customer expectation encompasses everything that a customer expects from a product, service or organization. Customer expectations are created in the minds of customers based upon their individual experiences and what they have learned, combined with their pre-existing experience and knowledge.

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