?What is Adaptability

Vocabulary we start to see more often in most of CVs with insufficient definition of the meaning whilst many people do practice it in a various action

Adaptability is a soft skill that means being able to rapidly learn new skills and behaviors in response to changing circumstances

Recently, many of us have shown a very genuine adaptability behavior with the contingent event we faced for example working from home, home schooling or limited shopping flexibility due to the pandemic and the masks

The interim result was seemingly uncomfortable or depressed but somehow, we managed to adapt by applying some motivational actions to defeat such kind of feelings for instance getting a new desk or changing the shopping and visits schedule

Soft skills are learned not gained, hence there are multiple ways to improve and here is how to develop adaptability skills:

Be confident but open to improvement

Focus on improving not proving

Think about your thinking

Practice deliberately, not mindlessly

* References that influenced me to write this:

a. Open discussion with some people about how we applied adaptability because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic

b. Coming across this article

The Importance of Adaptability Skills in the Workplace | Lane4 (lane4performance.com)

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